Sunday, May 11, 2008

Christian Aid week 11th - 17th May 2008

This week is Christian Aid week.
If you get an envelope through the door, why not give generously?
Or donate through the official website?

Here is some information about the aims and activities of the organisation, taken from their website:
"We work in more than 50 countries, for example Afghanistan, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Colombia, Nigeria, Kenya and Brazil. We are frequently not alone: Christian Aid often works with sister agencies, such as Action by Churches Together International, in disaster relief activities.

With our partners and allies, we uphold a commitment to honesty, professionalism, mutual respect, accountability and diversity. We are committed to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Code of Conduct, meaning we never link aid with evangelism.

Our staff share the diversity of nationality, faith and ethnicity yet are all committed to the essential purpose of Christian Aid and its role as a Christian relief, development and advocacy agency.

Christian Aid is a voice for the poor, not afraid of getting political. We believe that God does not want poverty, injustice, discrimination and unsustainable development in the world. So we campaign for change, challenging structures and systems that make and keep people poor. The values of justice, peace and love must challenge the world’s values and our own, prompting us to re-examine how our lifestyles and decisions affect others. That is our charitable purpose and part of our Christian vocation. It does not mean getting involved in party politics but it does mean confronting with the truth people who have the power to change things. Christian Aid does not try to hide its anger when poor people are exploited."


Hedgewitch said...

Thank you for highlighting this .. the shocking situation in Burma at the moment shows how much rides on the hard work and long-term commitment of organisations such as Christian Aid.

Nutty Knitter said...

Let's hope aid will be allowed into Burma.
At the moment there is no lack of support offered, but lack of aid admitted into the country ... :(