Friday, June 13, 2008

Jam making

Working only part-time may mean that we are not very rich in financial terms - but we are rich in time!

Today was my day off, and I made some rhubarb (or should that be roobarb) jam.
I life rhubarb jam, because it keeps its tart flavour very well.

Here is the preparation:

And here the finished result. Yum!
Jam sandwich, anybody?


ICQB said...

Hi Nutty Knitter! I just found your blog. The jam looks terrific! I've never made rhubarb jam, but I have made other kinds, and jellies. I knit a little too, in fact I just popped into my favorite yarn shop to buy some of my favorite yarn. The shop is called "Miss Chickpea's Funky Fibers" and the yarn is a kettle dyed merino wool from Uruguay. The lady at the shop told me that the mill where they make the yarn burnt down and they didn't know when they would be getting more shipments. I got the color I needed, though.

Yikes! This is a long comment. I like your blog, have a nice day!

Jen said...

I love those labels, too cute!

In oh-so-delayed response to your comment, I am a HORRIFIC blogger and am just getting to doing your meme now. Gah!

Thanks for the tag though, I do love memes!

~ Jen :)

Nutty Knitter said...

Thanksm you too! :o)