Sunday, July 13, 2008

Save the Children baby hat appeal

Save the Children have launched a new appeal for people to knit baby hats for children in developing countries.

Knitting a hat for a newborn baby can help save its life. Telling politicians to do their bit could save the lives of millions of newborns each year.

A newborn baby can't regulate its own body temperature. It loses lots of vital body heat through its head which make it more prone to pneumonia - a disease which still kills around 2 million children each year.

We want 10 million people to take action by 2010 for the 10 million children. Be one of them. Make sure the very poorest children aren't left to die.

You can download the knit kit and a sample pattern here.

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ICQB said...

Hi! Thanks for the message and the link to the pattern and info. And it was fun to see your message on my blog.

Happy Knitting!