Thursday, January 26, 2012

Voyager cap - the experiment

So I set out to knit a voyager cap for my husband, following Wicked Woollen's pattern.
I used Rowan's dk tweed, which is 100% pure new wool, colour scheme Askrigg.

The hat started to look worryingly large, but I was reassured by Wicked Woollen's comfirmation that that was just as it should be!
I even dared going a bit bigger, because my husband has a big head. Haha!
The final measurements of the finished hat before felting was 66cm/26" long and 52cm/20.5" circumference.

Then the felting fun began!

I used an old large boiling bucket and a stick of soap, filled it with hot water (as hot as I could bear to touch) and got rubbing.
I found a wire mesh in the garden, which I found useful for rubbing against; but just stirring, rubbing and wringing the fabric in the water worked pretty well too.

Just as I started to panic, because if anything the hat seemed to get bigger, it started to get smaller.
The fabric feels lovely and thick and soft.

It fits my husband perfectly. Handsome, eh?!

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Colleen said...

Great looking cap! I'm making a second one, I did my first only doubled, no flopping over, with ear flaps, this one has no flaps and I want to flop over A's my "kid's school concert knitting"....round and round forever!

I usually felt in the long did it take by hand?