Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nativity (Christmas project)

This year for Christmas I decided to make one figure for the nativity scene every day.

I used Crafty Cattery's patterns for Mary, Joseph and the baby as a base pattern. Apart from adding facial features and using DK yarn I made little changes to the original patterns.
I then added a variety of other objects - wings, a staff, cloaks, a lamb, gifts and head coverings. I made a manger for the baby and designed the sheep from scratch. I made the legs by covering pipe cleaners with lengths of i-chord.

Really pleased with the outcome. It was great fun and a wonderful way to retell the Christmas story over the 12 days of Christmas.


Cat Carlisle said...

Lovely! You did exactly what I was thinking of doing for future patterns - adding accessories and making minor changes to the basic figures for the wise men and shepherds. I love the shepherd holding the lamb! Great work. :)

Cat Carlisle said...

Using a pipe cleaner surrounded by i-cord is a great idea for the legs. I was trying to think of a way to crochet a shepherd's crook/staff and that sounds like a good method. Is that how you made your shepherd's staff?