Thursday, March 24, 2016

"I love NHS" beanies

I have done no Easter knitting whatsoever this year.
The main reason is that I have been inundated with orders for my "I love NHS" beanies.I must have knitted a dozen or so, including one extra large one and one with earflaps.

I designed the beanie because I am passionate about our National Health System which provides free health care at the point of delivery to whoever you are!
The thought of it being gradually dismantled and sold of to private companies for their personal gain is abhorrent and flies in the face of what the welfare state is about. But I won't bore you with details. You can read more about my passion for the NHS here is you want.

My ethos for the NHS beanie has always been that I want to make no personal profit from it. I try to cover the cost of material and posting, and any remaining profit goes towards the fight against the privatisation of the NHS.

Similarly the Ravelry pattern for the beanie is FREE and available here.
It is knitted flat and is designed for a head circumference of 22-24” or 56-61cm, but you could easily add/reduce some stitches/rows if needed.
You need to be able to use the colour stranding technique (using two colours at the same time, running the second yarn along the back). If you are not familiar with this technique, there are different tutorials on the Internet. Remember to cross the colours over at the back to avoid holes appearing.

Please share the pattern far and wide. I am not precious about it. 
What matters is that we save our NHS!

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