Friday, February 22, 2008


We are now almost half-way into Lent.
People participate in Lent for different reasons. For some it is a way to test their willpower, for others an annual tradition, for others still a way to prepare mentally and spiritually for Easter.

This year I was particularly struck by the call of the Methodist Church of Great Britain to "Buy Less (and) Live More"

Carrying their card in my purse is certainly prompting me to put things into perspective, and to consider what I really need to buy vs what I just fancy ...
So far I have managed to stay clear of shop-bought lunches and snacks - and I am planning to give the money I have saved in doing so to charity.

I saw this charity in The Independent the other day, and it really touched me so much that I may make it my chosen charity for this Lent:
100% of all donations go to repair cleft palates. Often cleft palates are not just a cosmetic issue, but are connected to other medical and health problems.

Just look at these two pictures of Angelica:

Before ...
And after ...

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Hedgewitch said...

this is real food for thought.. thanks for sharing it